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SofaCaribou::forcefield::TractionForce Class Reference

Detailed Description

Defines a traction (tractive force) field.

A traction is a force applied to a surface region (planar discretization such as triangle or quad elements). It does not take into account the surface normal, but instead follows a force direction explicitly defined in the input parameters of the component.

This component allows to apply the total tractive force from a set of smaller load increments following a linear slope until the total load is reach, or apply all the load at once.

Template Parameters
DataTypesThe datatype of the coordinates/derivatives vectors (3D float vector, 3D double vector, 2D float vector or 2D double vector).

#include <TractionForce.h>

Inheritance diagram for SofaCaribou::forcefield::TractionForce:

Public Types

typedef sofa::defaulttype::Vec3Types DataTypes
typedef DataTypes::VecCoord VecCoord
typedef DataTypes::VecDeriv VecDeriv
typedef DataTypes::Coord Coord
typedef DataTypes::Deriv Deriv
typedef Coord::value_type Real
typedef sofa::defaulttype::Mat< 3, 3, Real > Mat33
template<int nRows, int Options = 0>
using Vector = Eigen::Matrix< Real, nRows, 1, Options >
template<int nRows>
using MapVector = Eigen::Map< const Vector< nRows, Eigen::ColMajor > >
using Triange = TriangleSetTopologyContainer::Triangle
using Quad = QuadSetTopologyContainer::Quad
using MechanicalStateLink = SingleLink< TractionForce, MechanicalState< DataTypes >, BaseLink::FLAG_STRONGLINK >

Public Member Functions

 SOFA_CLASS (TractionForce, SOFA_TEMPLATE(sofa::core::behavior::ForceField, sofa::defaulttype::Vec3Types))
void init () override
void reset () override
void addForce (const sofa::core::MechanicalParams *mparams, Data< VecDeriv > &d_f, const Data< VecCoord > &d_x, const Data< VecDeriv > &d_v) override
void addDForce (const sofa::core::MechanicalParams *, Data< VecDeriv > &, const Data< VecDeriv > &) override
void addKToMatrix (sofa::defaulttype::BaseMatrix *, SReal, unsigned int &) override
void draw (const sofa::core::visual::VisualParams *vparams) override
void handleEvent (sofa::core::objectmodel::Event *event) override
SReal getPotentialEnergy (const sofa::core::MechanicalParams *, const Data< VecDeriv > &) const override
void increment_load (Deriv traction_increment_per_unit_area)
 Increment the traction load by an increment of traction_increment (vector of tractive force per unit area).

Public Attributes

Data< Deriv > d_traction
 Tractive force per unit area.
Data< sofa::helper::vector< Triange > > d_triangles
 List of triangles (ex: [t1p1 t1p2 t1p3 t2p1 t2p2 t2p3 ...])
Data< sofa::helper::vector< Quad > > d_quads
 List of quads (ex: [q1p1 q1p2 q1p3 q1p4 q2p1 q2p2 q2p3 ...])
Data< Real > d_slope
 Slope of force increment, the resulting traction will be p^t = p^{t-1} + p*slope. If slope = 0, the force will be constant.
MechanicalStateLink d_mechanicalState
 Mechanical state that contains the triangle positions.
Data< unsigned int > d_number_of_steps_before_increment
 Number of steps to wait before a load increment. This can be used to simulate a Newton-Raphson solver.
Data< bool > d_draw_faces
 Draw the faces on which the traction will be applied.
Data< VecDeriv > d_nodal_forces
Data< Real > d_total_load
 Tractive force for each nodes of the surface on which we are applying the traction. More...

Member Data Documentation

◆ d_total_load

Data<Real> SofaCaribou::forcefield::TractionForce::d_total_load

Tractive force for each nodes of the surface on which we are applying the traction.

Current total load applied (tractive force vector times the total surface area)

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