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SofaCaribou::solver::LLTSolver< EigenSolver > Class Template Reference

Detailed Description

template<class EigenSolver>
class SofaCaribou::solver::LLTSolver< EigenSolver >

Implementation of a direct LLT sparse linear solver.

This class provides a LL^T Cholesky factorizations of sparse matrices that are selfadjoint and positive definite. In order to reduce the fill-in, a symmetric permutation P is applied prior to the factorization such that the factorized matrix is P A P^-1.

The component uses the Eigen SimplicialLLT class as the solver backend.

Template Parameters
EigenSolverEigen direct solver type

#include <LLTSolver.h>

Inheritance diagram for SofaCaribou::solver::LLTSolver< EigenSolver >:
SofaCaribou::solver::EigenSparseSolver< EigenSolver > SofaCaribou::solver::LinearSolver

Public Types

template<typename T >
using Data = sofa::Data< T >
- Public Types inherited from SofaCaribou::solver::EigenSparseSolver< EigenSolver >
using EigenSolver = EigenSolver
using SparseMatrix = std::remove_cv_t< typename EigenSolver::MatrixType >
using Vector = Eigen::Matrix< FLOATING_POINT_TYPE, Eigen::Dynamic, 1 >

Public Member Functions

 SOFA_CLASS (SOFA_TEMPLATE(LLTSolver, EigenSolver), SOFA_TEMPLATE(EigenSparseSolver, EigenSolver))
- Public Member Functions inherited from SofaCaribou::solver::EigenSparseSolver< EigenSolver >
 SOFA_CLASS (SOFA_TEMPLATE(EigenSparseSolver, EigenSolver), sofa::core::behavior::LinearSolver)
virtual void assemble (const sofa::core::MechanicalParams *mparams)
 Assemble the system matrix A = (mM + bB + kK) inside the SparseMatrix p_A. More...
void resetSystem () final
 Reset the complete system (A, x and b are cleared). More...
void setSystemMBKMatrix (const sofa::core::MechanicalParams *mparams) final
 Set the linear system matrix A = (mM + bB + kK), storing the coefficients m, b and k of the mechanical M,B,K matrices. More...
void setSystemRHVector (sofa::core::MultiVecDerivId b_id) final
 Gives the identifier of the right-hand side vector b. More...
void setSystemLHVector (sofa::core::MultiVecDerivId x_id) final
 Gives the identifier of the left-hand side vector x. More...
void solveSystem () override
 Solves the system using the Eigen solver.
virtual auto symmetric () const -> bool
 States if the system matrix is symmetric. More...
virtual void set_symmetric (bool is_symmetric)
 Explicitly states if this matrix is symmetric.
auto solver () const -> const EigenSolver &
 Get a readonly reference to the backend solver.
auto solver () -> EigenSolver &
 Get a reference to the backend solver.
auto mechanical_params () const -> const sofa::core::MechanicalParams &
 Get a readonly reference to the mechanical parameters.
auto matrix_accessor () const -> const sofa::component::linearsolver::DefaultMultiMatrixAccessor &
 Get a readonly reference to the multi-matrix accessor. More...
auto A () const -> const SparseMatrix &
 Get a readonly reference to the global assembled system matrix.
auto b_id () const -> const sofa::core::MultiVecDerivId &
 Get a readonly reference to the right-hand side vector identifier.
auto x_id () const -> const sofa::core::MultiVecDerivId &
 Get a readonly reference to the left-hand side unknown vector identifier.
auto A_is_factorized () const -> bool
 True if the solver has successfully factorize the system matrix.
- Public Member Functions inherited from SofaCaribou::solver::LinearSolver
virtual sofa::defaulttype::BaseMatrix * create_new_matrix (unsigned int rows, unsigned int cols) const =0
 Creates a new BaseMatrix of size rows x cols. More...
virtual sofa::defaulttype::BaseVector * create_new_vector (unsigned int n) const =0
 Creates a new BaseVector of size n. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static std::string BackendName ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from SofaCaribou::solver::EigenSparseSolver< EigenSolver >
static auto GetCustomTemplateName () -> std::string
static auto canCreate (Derived *o, sofa::core::objectmodel::BaseContext *context, sofa::core::objectmodel::BaseObjectDescription *arg) -> bool

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