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SofaCaribou::topology::IsoSurface< DataTypes > Class Template Referenceabstract
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Public Types

using Real = typename DataTypes::Real
using Coord = typename DataTypes::Coord

Public Member Functions

 SOFA_CLASS (SOFA_TEMPLATE(IsoSurface, DataTypes), sofa::core::objectmodel::BaseObject)
Real iso_value (const Coord &x) const
virtual Real iso_value (const Eigen::Matrix< Real, Dimension, 1 > &x) const =0

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr unsigned char Dimension = DataTypes::spatial_dimensions

Member Function Documentation

◆ iso_value() [1/2]

template<class DataTypes >
Real SofaCaribou::topology::IsoSurface< DataTypes >::iso_value ( const Coord &  x) const

Get the iso value at the given world coordinates

◆ iso_value() [2/2]

template<class DataTypes >
virtual Real SofaCaribou::topology::IsoSurface< DataTypes >::iso_value ( const Eigen::Matrix< Real, Dimension, 1 > &  x) const
pure virtual

Get the iso value at the given world coordinates

Implemented in SofaCaribou::topology::CircleIsoSurface.

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