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caribou::topology::Grid< 3 > Struct Reference
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Public Types

using Base = internal::BaseMultidimensionalGrid< Dimension, Grid< Dimension > >
using FaceIndex = typename Base::UInt
using Element = geometry::RectangularHexahedron< Linear >
using Face = geometry::traits< Element >::BoundaryElementType
using Edge = geometry::traits< Face >::BoundaryElementType
using ElementNodes = std::array< NodeIndex, geometry::traits< Element >::NumberOfNodesAtCompileTime >
using FaceNodes = std::array< NodeIndex, geometry::traits< Face >::NumberOfNodesAtCompileTime >
using EdgeNodes = std::array< NodeIndex, geometry::traits< Edge >::NumberOfNodesAtCompileTime >

Public Member Functions

auto cell_at (const GridCoordinates &coordinates) const noexcept -> Element
auto cell_at (const CellIndex &cell_index) const noexcept -> Element
auto node_indices_of (const GridCoordinates &cell_coordinates) const noexcept -> ElementNodes
auto node_indices_of (const CellIndex &index) const noexcept -> ElementNodes
auto number_of_edges () const noexcept -> UInt
 Get the number of distinct edges in this grid.
auto edge (const EdgeIndex &index) const noexcept -> EdgeNodes
 Get the node indices of the edge at edge index.
auto number_of_faces () const noexcept -> UInt
 Get the number of distinct faces in this grid.
auto face (const FaceIndex &index) const noexcept -> FaceNodes
 Get the node indices of the face at the given face index.

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr size_t Dimension = 3

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